Omega’s Kingdom

It’s envy that drives the world more than greed. The drive to have what our fellow mates have and be better at achieving it than them. Question then arises, why don’t humans change when they know what it is that drives them? Are we really hard wired to envy and compete against one another. I like the least action principle – if things come easily, why bother uprooting them? And Pavlov rings his bell..


Journalism is an extremely vital part of human civilization (or any civilization one can argue). Good journalism is a necessity in order to make decisions based on information consumed from various degrees of freedom. So no matter how important the internet might seem, local newspapers will always be in demand for the value of information they provide to local businesses and public policy makers.


On Pity The longing for victimhood is what drives public concern and public concern influences public policy. Now we need to detach the two – public concern and public policy, in order to create a society for survivors that rewards the virtues of survival, by adapting thru thick and thin. That’s all I have to say on that.


On Change It’s been a long time coming, but change gonna come, change always comes and you better be ready for it because the corners of your notebook speak their own story. The countless years they have seen, washed away in memory and fate. But once in a long while their shape would shift into butterflies and delightful melodies that come out of the mouthpiece. Oh the sweet taste of coca-cola on a sunny day. The stains speak for themselves too.


The Paradox of being With the dead beside you, you look up from the abyss. You never wanna be like the skeleton, shining brightly in the moonlight. You look into the hollows in the eyes and they look back at you. You see yourself reflected in the deep abyss. You smile and start digging deeper. But all tunnels go in arches. You find yourself occupied with a different scene now and you live for the excitement. In our own simple ways, we keep chipping away at this fabric – at the end of the day, what helps you sleep at night?


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