The Clock Ticks On ….


Let us rewind our clock to the very start of the twentieth century. It is a nice, cool day in Switzerland. A young clerk from the government patent department is sitting in his office. His table lies strewn with applications aplenty. But he is undeterred by the pile of work in front of him. He is lost in his own world. The world of time. His journey excites him. It causes him to dream. It is a journey unlike any other.

Remember the grand old clock on the bedroom wall? Remember that incessant ringing of the mobile phone alarm, that worry in your mind when you were late for an important exam? Small moments, but they all point to the existence of our life’s biggest overlord – Time.

Time is so deeply intertwined into our daily existence that we hardly pause to think about it. When was the last time you stepped back from your day and pondered what these moments of time really meant?

All of us have tried to control time. Let your mind wander to those wonderful last moments you spent with your loved ones. Maybe you haven’t met some of them for a long while. But still those memories are as fresh and refreshing as a cool early morning breeze. Don’t you pine for those moments to come back? You would probably want them to last a lifetime.

Let’s step back and think. What would a world without the flow of time be? A world where you could lock in that wonderful embrace for as long as you want. A world where you could stay a child forever… in the care of your loving parents. A world where you could live forever. A world where you could lie back on your favorite chair and read that book for whatever time you feel. Travel the whole world without worrying about moments ticking down to the end of your life. Seems like utopia, doesn’t it?

Now let the rest of the story unravel. Come out of that embrace and you will see that the rest of the world has moved along. You wanted to go to that nice place along the river. But it is no longer there. The friend you wanted to catch up with.. he has moved on to newer pastures.

If you leave your parents, you will see the world of opportunities you missed out while you were still a child. The world outside has evolved from the one you left.

An infinitely lasting world means nobody dies. Nobody leaves an imprint on our minds. They are always around. There are no lasting legacies and no fond memories. No history will be unique. No story enchanting. Everything that has happened will happen again. The hands of our watches will tick away for infinity. But will we have truly lived? It’s hard to tell.  Maybe it’s the flow of time which makes the world as we experience it.

We are back to Switzerland. Many years have passed since the clerk first let his mind roam into the farthest reaches of time and space. In just some days, his ideas are about to transform him into a superstar. His signature grizzly moustache and the fuzzy hair will cast a huge shadow on the world.

Albert Einstein may have revolutionized the way science perceives time. But even after all these years, I wonder if we really have unraveled all the mysteries of time… What do you think?